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Increase payment conversion over SMS, email and web-chat

Send an SMS or email to your customers with a URL that will prefill reference and payment amount details. Combine with our Web Payment service for a fully branded and integrated solution.

Increase payment conversion with Click-to-Pay, producing a personalised SMS or email with a unique URL link for each recipient. This pay by link service launches a mobile friendly payment web page with as much or as little customer information pre-filled required, allowing them to confirm payment details and complete the transaction.

A customer can enter new card details or use a previously stored card, making it easy for a customer to complete the payment process. No need to enter a reference number or payment amount, just a payment method.

Key Benefits

Multiple dynamic fields to personalise message content to individual recipients, with a link to an auto-filled payment portal

Increase payment conversion by substantially reducing the steps needed to make payment

Works on all web browsing devices – smartphones, tablets, laptops or desktop PCs

Ability to link to a fully-branded, 3D Secure, PCI compliant Web Payments page

Integrates with your business systems to use customer reference details


How Can Click-To-Pay Be Used?

Collecting an Outstanding Payment or Making a Purchase

An SMS or email is sent to a customer asking for payment with a unique web link, taking the customer straight through to a web page to enter their card details, bypassing any need to enter order information or customer references.

If the card has been securely saved on the account all card information is pre-filled out, or new card details can be entered to complete the process. An SMS or email is sent as a payment receipt.



At-the-Door & On-Site Secured Payments

Product or Service Purchase

An agent is on site with a customer and has just completed a purchase. The agent inputs a deposit or purchase details, including the customer’s phone number or email address who then receives an SMS or email linking to a fully branded secure web payments page.

The customer can then complete the payment in a PCI compliant manner on their own device and the sales agent doesn’t see or hear any card sensitive details.

Debt Collection

An enforcement officer is on site with the debtor arranging a payment. The officer enters the case details (including any payment plan arrangements), keys in the debtor’s phone number or email address to send an SMS or email that goes to a fully branded secure web payments page.

The debtor can complete payment in a PCI compliant manner on their own device. The enforcement officer doesn’t see or hear any sensitive card details.



Ideal for a Variety of Uses

Debt collection, payment and invoice reminders

At-the-door or on-site payments

Appointment reminders and cancellation services

Utility communications such as meter reading requests

Marketing and promotional messaging

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Service Additions


Tokenise a customer’s card and they will only have to provide card details once, saving them time on regular payments and purchases. Card details are not stored anywhere outside the issuing card company.

All tokens will have a dedicated reference for every individual customer. E.g. Policy number, customer number, customer name, phone number, etc.

Recurring Payments

Offer your customers a Recurring Payment Plan with a range of payment frequencies, such as weekly, fortnightly, monthly and more. If required, a Recurring Plan/CPA (Continuous Payment Authority) can be created by processing £1 that will not be taken on the customer’s account.

Using a Recurring Payment Plan instead of a Direct Debit allows you to re-take failed payments, restarting the plan and avoids your customers incurring expensive Failed Direct Debit charges. This method is recommended by the FCA, as debt isn’t added onto customers paying off existing debt.

Optional Integration

SFTP Integration

Validate your customer transactions and avoid matching every transaction and investigating human errors. You’ll have the option to supply customer records or a list of outstanding payments so transactions can be validated as a customer makes a payment.

Bespoke API Integration

Our solutions are compatible with many different APIs, allowing integration with hundreds of different platforms. If necessary, a bespoke API can be developed to work seamlessly with your business systems.